I hold a Research Staff position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I receive a steady salary and my work is not funded through a specific grant or company. I write and speak on a range of topics I care about, and when I do, I represent no one except myself. I’m in compliance with my employer’s disclosure and conflict of interest policies, and will remain so.

Occasionally, I collect royalties from the sale of books or articles. I’m committed to making my research and writing available online for free and will only consider exceptions to this open access policy in rare cases. I sometimes earn speaking fees and/or receive travel expenses for running workshops or speaking at an event. For this I am represented by Leading Authorities. I have been paid to consult on matters related to my work, although only rarely. I don’t have specific investments (aside from index investments, the details of which I do not keep track of.) 

When I am paid to speak or write an article, I will contract as to subject matter (e.g. robotics, intellectual property, etc.), but not as to substance. If I mention or use any products or services in my work, it’s because I deem them appropriate. I don’t shill for anyone.

Any other relevant activities outside of MIT or financial interests that could bias my work will be continuously disclosed on this site. (Last update: August 2018)

This disclosure statement follows the practice of Jonathan Zittrain, Terry Fisher, Lawrence Lessig, David Weinberger, and John Palfrey.